Sticky Faith

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Almost any Christian parent wants their child to develop a faith that will stand the test of time—a faith that is strong and mature. However, statistics show that such a faith in high school students is becoming more rare with every passing year. Using this as their motivation, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) developed Sticky Faith, a guide for Christian parents who are looking to nurture their children'’s spiritual growth. This resource will help provide them with a compelling rationale and a powerful strategy for actively encouraging spiritual growth in their children. No matter the age of your kids, it'’s never too early or too late to build Sticky Faith.

Table of Contents

  1. The Not-So-Sticky-Faith Reality
  2. The Sticky Gospel
  3. Sticky Identity
  4. Sticky Faith Conversations
  5. A Sticky Web of Relationships
  6. Sticky Justice
  7. A Sticky Bridge Out of Home
  8. The Ups and Downs of the Sticky Faith Journey