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Salt Student Book: Creating Thirst
by Greg Stier

The Bible instructs Christians to be the salt of the earth; that is, to share their experiences as followers of Christ. The challenge is in knowing how to do that.

In Salt Student Book, Greg Stier offers conversation starters to help any Christian, whether introverted or extroverted, to begin a dialogue with non-Christians about the gospel and God’s plan for humanity. Give-and-take questions drive the conversation deeper to reveal how others perceive God, the afterlife, and relationships as God intends them.


Format: paper
Pages: 36                
Size: 5 x 7
ISBN: 9780985735265
Pub. Date: January 2014

Table of Contents

Have You Ever Wondered About God?
How Valuable Am I?
What Happens After We Die?
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
What Makes for Good Relationships?