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Product Details How do you respond when life takes an unexpected turn  when tragedy strikes? You find yourself facing a heartbreak that is beyond the sight of recovery. Your life has been rocked.

Using parallels from the book of Job and drawing from his own life experience, author Joe Champion tackles the tough questions that arise when circumstances make it seem as if life is spinning out of control. Rocked is about real stories, real people, and real pain. God has clear guidelines for us to follow, a love that is impossible to ignore, and the strength to not only get us through the difficult times but lead us out with victory. Using straightforward points and candid stories, Champion reveals both practical and spiritual ways to overcome any tragic situation and connect to the real hope and power of the Word of God.

Rocked is a deep look into the heart of man and the heart of God. Ageless questions about bad things happening to good people can never be answered without looking into the character of the Lord. He loves unconditionally and can comfort us when we are in pain. Rocked takes scripture, breaks it down, and gives us insight into God's heart.