La mujer al estilo de Jesús devocionales (The Jesus-Hearted Woman Devotional, Spanish Edition)

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Product Details Christian women are looking for ways to grow and use their God-given gifts to influence those around them for the kingdom of God. They yearn to translate the renovating love God has poured out on them into transforming influence on others. They want to be Jesus-hearted women. But what does that look like in the real world? Jodi Detrick invites women to join her in briefly exploring ten basic character qualities of a Jesus-hearted woman:
  • confidence
  • authenticity
  • humility
  • stamina
  • resilience
  • courage
  • self-awareness
  • kindness
  • soul-care
  • vision
This short devotional booklet is a companion to the book La mujer al estilo de Jesús (The Jesus-Hearted Woman, Spanish Edition).