Good Kids, Big Events, & Matching T-Shirts

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Good Kids, Big Events, & Matching T-Shirts: Changing the Conversation on Health in Youth Ministry
by David Hertweck

Good Kids, Big Events, & Matching T-Shirts invites youth leaders into a game-changing conversation. It helps them create and sustain a ministry to youth that is fueled by an effective, contagious relationship with God and others. Writer and youth worker David Hertweck makes great discoveries with fellow youth leaders while moving through three pivotal points:

  • Are youth becoming fluent in the gospel?
  • Are youth Spirit-dependent?
  • Do youth have biblical community?

Hertweck, a veteran youth worker, explains that if those who work in student ministry celebrate some wins while unintentionally missing the big picture new life in Christ students will believe the wrong things count. That could have enormous implications for how today s kids live out their faith now and as adults. When youth leaders choose to refocus on these values, they are heeding Jesus command to make disciples. The teens in their groups will thrive both now and later.


Format: paperback
Pages: 200
Size: 5½ x 8½
ISBN: 9781624232541
Pub. Date: March 2015

Meet the Author

David Hertweck is a New York youth ministry worker who is passionate about helping church youth workers create and sustain disciple-making environments marked by gospel fluency, Spirit dependency, and biblical community. He and his wife Erin have three daughters. They currently reside in Syracuse, New York.