Four Faces of a Leader

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Do you want to be the change the world is looking for?
Are you eager to move your church into a new dimension of growth and maturity?

Four Faces of a Leader can utterly transform you as a leader and those you lead. Not with bells and whistles, but with a soft whisper of truth. By emphasizing the leadership priorities Jesus demonstrated in the gospels, Bob Rhoden shares practical applications for all pastors, whether they serve 1,000 or 100 members.

Like a personal mentor providing intergenerational truths, this book challenges, inspires, informs, and encourages. Based on four leadership “faces” of Shepherd, Servant, Steward, and Seer, this is a solid roadmap of practical insights and uplifting encouragement drawn from Bob’s many years of experience and success both as a pastor and a denominational leader.

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