Divine Order

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There is a proper time and place for the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Scripture gives us guidelines for the divine order of their use. Understanding the biblical perspective concerning spiritual gifts is essential to their effective function.

Table of Contents

Why This Book?
Foreword by George O. Wood

1. Power and Propriety, by Randy Hurst
2. Maverick Pentecostals in the Church, by George O. Wood
3. Orderly Ministry Blesses the Church, by Thomas E. Trask
4. God Can Speak Through Microphones, by James T. Bradford
5. From Interruptive to Interwoven, by J. Lowell Harrup
6. Climate of Order, by Tim Enloe
7. Not Everyone Has the Floor, by C. Dale Edwards
8. Order in the Spirit: Vocal Gifts, by Jonathan Hollis